Ways Keeping Your Skin and Bone

Health lifeIn this modern era, there are many things that you face. It starts from the good ones until the bad ones. Well, it should not be that hard to face all of them as long as you have the power, then everything will be alright in the end. However, to face the bad things also will be a bit hard sometimes, but here is the thing you should know. One of many bad things can be the condition of yours which is not healthy. If it happens then it is the time for you to keep watching and also try some efforts to make that go away.

This healthy lifestyle is for those of you who are teenagers. A teenager is a phase when you leave your childhood and this is a journey towards adult age. To make you stay healthy all the time then there are several things to do. You also will have several changes in yourself so you need to deal with that changes and start to live healthy by first, keeping the performance of yours. Performance is very important for you. You can keep it by having healthy skin. Healthy skin is not that hard to keep. The things that you need to do here is by avoiding the sunlight.

You might have to sunbathe at 7 until 9 am, but it is no longer recommended for you to be under the sun at that hours. If you have the activity outside in the afternoon then you can use sun block or sunscreen to protect your skin. You know right that the sunlight in the afternoon also can cause you cancer. Besides, the skin, you also need to keep your body strong by having the calcium and also vitamin D. Both nutrition will lead you to a healthy body, it will also avoid the decay of your bone. You can get calcium from milk and the vitamin D from vegetables.

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