Tips To Protect Your Healthy Skin

Health tipsHaving a healthy skin is certainly as important as having a healthy body. In another word, we cannot claim that we have achieved overall health when our skin is not in the healthy condition. Hence, protecting our skin is an essential thing to do. In order to support you in protecting your skin, here are some tips to follow on protecting your healthy skin.

First of all, it is necessary to protect your skin from the negative effect of sun exposure. Alongside its benefit, sun’s ray may lead us into skin problem as well. Having high sun exposure may lead us to some problems like age mark, wrinkle, and even skin cancer. Then, to protect our skin, we can use sunscreen and avoid sun exposure between 10 am until two pm. Moreover, we need to consider about using long pants and long sleeve shirts when we are going outdoor.

Second, stop smoking. You must have known that smoking is extremely dangerous for our body. When it comes to our skin, smoking has high chance to make our skin seem older and to generate wrinkle on our skin. It is because of its ability to reduce blood flow by narrowing the blood vessels. Then, smoking is also found to be able to damage elastin and collagen which keep the elasticity of our skin.

Third, you should take care of your skin gently. In this case, you need to practice everyday cleansing to maintain its gentleness. To achieve it, you need to avoid hot water and also long bath since it may get rid of all the oils on your skin. Then, you need to stop using strong soaps as well. If you feel that your skin is getting dry, you should apply moisturizer throughout your body to maintain its gentleness.

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