Symptoms Of Brain Tumor

Health tipsThere are so many diseases that could attack humans. One of the most dangerous is a brain tumor. Brain tumor could make its patient in their worst condition and also cause death. A brain tumor is a condition where you had something strange growing inside your brain and the multiplication the brain cells. Those cells could be cancer or non-cancer. There are two kinds of anomaly that could be caused by a brain tumor. The first one is the tumor from the tumor itself. Or the second is cancer that already got the brain. the tumor is a sickness that still hard to cure and have a high risk of the death. That is why very important to us to check and take care our condition so that if there are something bad, it could be cured early and you are still having much time to get it healed. There are some symptoms that usually happened in the patient whose had a brain tumor.

Unbalance is the first symptoms that you will felt if you got the tumor. If you commonly fall, having a hard time to lock up with the key, or commonly make your things fallen it might be one of the symptoms that you had a brain tumor. This is because the impulse nerve is being weaker. Other symptoms are by you are common feels numb in your hands and feets, it happens because your body does not have good blood circulation.

If you are having bad memory recently like usually getting confused because forget about what you need to do or forget the words that you want to say, it might be the symptoms of the brain tumor. Brain tumor also cause you the nauseous feeling so you will feel unwell and unpredictably. If you are not having any problem with your eyes before but sometimes your visibility are not good you should check yourself to the doctors.the cognitive functions of the people who is got brain tumor will be decreased, it will make them hard to talk and say the words.

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