The Smartphone That Install Android Nougat Update

android nougatIs your old smartphone can try the Android Nougat update? As you know that, some old smartphone that installs with the old Android system can update the operating system with the latest one, like Nougat Android. Is your smartphone including in this list to can update the Android Nougat without you should buy the new smartphone? If you want to know about the list of smartphones that can update the operating system, stay on this article.

The List Of Smartphone That Installed By Android Nougat Update.

There is more than 10 update feature that makes the smartphone with the Nougat system make some people buy the new one of the smartphone Android with the Nougat or the Android 7. If you want to buy the new one, here there is a list that will help you to choose the smartphone that installs the Android Nougat update. Because of this Android system have not the long time since the date that releases and launch this application, not a lot of the smartphone that has updated with this Android 7 and feels the advantages of the feature that following this operating system. There is some brand that launches the new product nowadays, has the big opportunity to have the Nougat as the operating system.

From the brand Samsung, that release the Samsung Galaxy 8 in the last month also can be the smartphone that you can choose because this is completed with the Nougat as the Android system. You also can choose the Samsung Galaxy 7 and 7 Edges to enjoy the performance of smartphone with Nougat.  Besides that, Google also releases some kinds of smartphone that installing the Nougat as the operating system. They are Nexus series, Pixel series, and other Google product. This is claimed as the first gadget that uses the Nougat as the operating system. Other brands like Asus Zenfone 2 and LG G5 and V20 series also will make you know the feeling of using the Android Nougat Update. Thank you for reading.

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