So Sensitive To Smells? It’s May Earliest Signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

earliest signs of pregnancyAre you being so sensitive to smells? Never mind. It may on of the earliest signs of pregnancy before missed period. As the married woman, you must wait for your pregnancy so much, but with do you know that you may unlike the smell of favorite food as signs of your pregnancy? That’s right Sist, more sensitive to smells is the signs of pregnancy. For more explanation, read this article more, Sist.

Sensitive To Smell As The Earliest Signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period.

The first change that can be the signs that you are pregnant is the change of your body responses to smells around you. Before the pregnant, you may there is no problem the smell of your favorite foods, but sometimes you may enter the kitchen and get your favorite food smell make you feel nauseated and want to vomit. If you feel like this about a week after having sex with your husband, it’s may the earliest signs of pregnancy before missed period. There is no absolute reason that causes this problem, but the increase of hormone progesterone in the early period of pregnancy. Every pregnant mother has the differences smells sensitivity, you can’t generalize it for every pregnant woman. This increasing the sense of smell is reasonable for pregnant mother actually, but some of them may get the difficulty for doing their daily activities. So, what you can do for decrease this sign?

There are some smells that pregnant mother unlike while their pregnant, they are perfume, cigarette smell, some vegetables, some fruits, some food, some drink, and others. It’s maybe the positive thing for the pregnant mothers because it’s will save them for some dangerous meals and only keep the meals that have the good nutrition. For this problem, you can change your room perfume with the nature perfume or herbal perfume. You can open the door and windows for let fresh water into your house for decrease this earliest signs of pregnancy before missed period. Thank you.

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