Which One Better Between Titleist Pro V1 Vs Pro V1x?

pro v1 vs pro v1xIf you have the opportunity to play the golf with the Titleist Pro V1 Vs Pro V1x, which one do you choose? You should choose the ball, not only about the price or base on your taste. There are many aspects that you should think before you choose which one better for you. This article will help you to choose the one that suitable and match with your condition, and which aspect that you have and the balls that you need to play the golf. Let’s talk more about this topic, don’t go anywhere!

The Better Golf Balls Between The Titleist Pro V1 Vs Pro V1x.

Let’s make the comparison about the product that becomes the one of the important equipment that should provide you before you start to play the game. The golf balls are different with other balls for other games or sports. If other balls relative should fill up with the air, the golf balls contain with the special fabric from the outside and the inside. These also make the different about the Titleist Pro V1 Vs Pro V1x. The outside part is designed with the white color and the unique shapes, seem like the small dimple that around the balls. From these almost similarly design, you can see the brand that installed on the balls to know which one the Pro V1 and which one the Pro V1x.

The Titleist Pro V1 is containing with three-piece technology for the golf balls. The components that contain in the Pro V1 is very soft and pass the process ZG compression. The outside design also layered by the ionomeric casing, and the balls also covered also patterned about 352 tiles that tetrahedral dimple. The Titleist Pro V1x is containing with four-piece technology for the golf balls. The Pro V1x is passing the dual core ZG process, also completed with the responsive ionomeric layer as the casing. The outer part, you will find about 328 tetrahedral with the dimple pattern. That’s about the difference of the body for the Titleist Pro V1 Vs Pro V1x for you. Thank you.

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