How Much Data Does Streaming Music Use? Is It Worth It?

How Much Data Does Streaming Music UseWhile streaming music is a new and convenient way to listen to music. It requires decent amount of data. How much data does streaming music use? Is it safe for tight budget people with limited internet data stream a music? the answer is, No. It’s not safe for limited internet data to stream a music. Streaming needs a lot of internet data. You need to be sure, you have enough data if you want to stream. Otherwise, stream when the Wi-Fi connection is available, or download it first, and play the songs offline.

What Are The Advantages Of Streaming, And How Much Data Does Streaming Music Use Of Music Stream?

The main advantages of streaming are the easy and simple feature. You only need to choose a song, wait a second for the song buffering, and listen to music. Pretty easy, right? But you need to be careful on your internet data usage. The more songs you listen via streaming, the more data you will lose, so watch out. But how much data does streaming music use exactly? One song cost, over 16 MB, and that was for music that has 4 minutes’ length. The casual, and teenager’s music listening session is sometimes one hour days. So, it’s 4 multiply 60, that was 240 Mb per hour. That means per week we consume up to 1 GB if we listen to music every day, at one hour each day.

If we are using a limited internet data, we shouldn’t stream too much. If you still want to listen to music by streaming, you can do that while the Wi-Fi is available, other than that, it’s fine to stream some songs, but you need to mind your data consumption. And it seems that it answers the How much data does streaming music use question, and give a conclusion too.

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