Some Healthy Foods And Drinks

Health lifeThere are many kinds of foods and drinks. From a healthy one like fruits and vegetables to an unhealthy junk food. Food is so essential for our body. They are just like fuels for our body to work, and a brick to build our body. We need calorie every day, and we can only get it by eating. There are many other nutrients besides calories, such as protein, vitamin, and minerals. Protein is just like a brick we need a protein to build our muscle and repair the broken one. Vitamin is just like a booster for our health. Vitamins help to keep our body healthy and fit. We also need minerals to live, otherwise, our body won’t function correctly.

There are many kinds of food that contain many nutrients. Firstly, the potato is a good source of carbs. It has a lower fat than rice or wheat but contains a decent amount of calorie. If you bored of eating rice every day, why don’t you try to eat a potato? You can fry the potato or make it into mashed potato. The second foods are an Apple. Apple is a good source of antioxidants, Antioxidant is great to repel the cancer cell and any other bad things from outside. It also contains a low sugar and calorie, Makes it the perfect snack for you. Don’t forget about the fish and meats. Salmon fish is a good source of vitamin B and proteins. It’s very good for children since nutrients in salmon help their body and brains to grow. Although it’s quite expensive, but there are much alternative fish such as Cod, or Sardine that is far cheaper.

How about drinks? Honestly, the perfect drinks are just plain water. But we are not talking about it. Milk contains nearly everything our body needs. Proteins, Calcium, Calorie, and much more. Milks is good for children, to help their bone growth. The other popular healthy drinks are green tea. It’s a popular beverage from Japan. Green tea contains antioxidants to repel the unwanted disease. Green tea also helps you to relax your brains and muscle. Although it didn’t taste very great. But green tea is proved to be very healthy.

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