Choosing Pot For Bonsai Tree Care

bonsai tree careBonsai tree care is really essential because it helps you to grow the bonsai without a problem. Unfortunately, the problem starts to show in the very first step, and that is when you choose the pot. Previously, we have discussed how we choose pot for bonsai for the sake of the well-being of the plant. However, there are some other factors that you should consider to make the bonsai look good in your eyes. Therefore, be sure to read more this article to get the information.

Pot For Bonsai Tree Care

The first thing that you should know is basically the sex of your bonsai. Well, trees do not have sex with animals, but it is not about that. We talk about the way it looks by comparing it with abstract ideas on how we determine an object is more manly or sexy. Some attributes that come with female bonsai character is the curve, smoothness, and slender branches. In the opposite world, more masculine trees have dense, thick, strong attributes. This general impression is necessary for choosing pot when you are doing bonsai tree care. For better looks, it is necessary to consider its size as well.

The size for bonsai tree is determined by the height above nebari. From this point, you should have a pot that has a height of 2/3 of the trees especially if your pot is oval or rectangular. If your pot is round or square, 1/3 height of the tree may be necessary. This size plays important role in terms of balance on how your bonsai appears. However, you also need to consider the design for completing pot for bonsai tree care. Harmony with sex is really essential, and it also requires your artistic and creative instructs to play role in determining the bonsai tree pots. After all, you want to dress your tree with a great impression.

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