Bad Side Effects Of Drinking Soda

Health careNowadays we can say that soda is everywhere since people can buy it easily in many places. That is why it is not something new anymore when soda addiction comes to be one of the problems for people’s health. Maybe soda can be people’s favorite drink, yet do you know that soda is not good for body health? In this kind of drink, there are high calories, sugar, and carbohydrates in which they will make your body face various health problems. Then, what are the bad side of soda exactly?

  1. Affecting the function of kidney

The kidney is one of the organs that will be affected by soda addiction. In this case, it can lead to kidney stones since the mineral and the acids in the urine are not balanced. We know that kidney stone will be worse when there is no serious medical treatment done.

  1. Increasing heart diseases risk

For another bad effect of drinking soda too much and often is, it can increase heart disease risk up to 50%. Heart diseases itself is the highest cause of the death in the world. Then the risk of it will be bigger when the habit of drinking soda cannot be stopped or minimized.

  1. Triggering obesity

About the next one is it triggers obesity because soda leads to weight gain. The sweeteners inside this drink become the biggest factors why people who like drinking soda will have obesity. Here the metabolism of the body is not balance due to the high level of sugar in soda.

  1. Increasing the level of cholesterol

Besides all of the bad effects above, soda also can increase the level of cholesterol. Having a high cholesterol level here will cause a higher risk of stroke and heart diseases. Hence you need to avoid soda and then choose a healthier drink like mineral water or juice.

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