Avoid Smoking Early

Health tipsSmoking is one of the items made from tobacco plants, rolled with paper and when burned will produce smoke that much. Smoking is already well known from time immemorial, as many people feel that smoking is important especially for stress and confusion, the tobacco industry to produce cigarettes in very many, diverse, with different levels of stability.

Why Are People Like Cigarettes?

Smoking is an activity that we usually find everywhere, in family, community or any gathering we can find people who are smoke now been entrenched in the community and has become commonplace. But, did you know that cigarettes contain anything? And how does it affect our bodies? smoking has additives that are dangerous to the human body. All the organs of our body have the potential to experience the effects of cigarette consumption in the long term.

Smoking not only invites one or two of the disease but many diseases that can be imported from smoking. In a cylindrical cigarette, there are thousands of a chemical found, such as carbon monoxide that causes the oxygen content in the blood become slightly. The most famous substance is nicotine which has the effect of smoking can be addictive. Nicotine also interferes with brain and nerves. One of the diseases caused by smoking is cancer of the esophagus, cancer of the mouth, heart attack, kidney damage and lead to complication of the disease that can cause death. To protect our health, especially for the smokers should reduce the activity of smoking to your body free of dangerous disease. Smoking is not beneficial to health, but it has provided benefits to the lives of people who work as laborer cigarette maker. Benefit the country in term of export of cigarettes abroad, and provide many employment opportunities, thereby reducing the number of unemployed. It also gives the advantage to the government in tax and customs sectors.

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